Posted: Nov 26 2013

I got a chance to visit the Yayoi Kusama exhibit in NYC this weekend at the David Zwirner Gallery. I waited about 2 hours in line to get into the "Infinity Room" exhibit but it was well worth it. You go into the room by yourself and you are allowed exactly 1 minute. The exhibit is absolutely breathtaking as you are surrounded by mirrors, crystals, lights, and water. I wish they didn't have such a short time allowance in the room but then again the line probably would've been 10x longer.

This is the best photo I could take in under a minute but it doesn't even amount to a tenth of the feeling of actually standing inside there.

After the "Infinity Room" I went to her exhibition next door where there was no line. They let you into the exhibit in groups of about 10 and you had about 5 minutes. Her famous polka dots are pretty amazing.

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