NEW ART: "A Love Worth The Fight"

Posted: Apr 05 2015

My newest piece is called "A Love Worth The Fight". The left old school boxing glove is meant to represent the older generation, willing to fight til the end for love no matter how tough the battle. The right new age boxing glove represents the current generation, giving up too easily when times get rough, afraid of a few scuffs. We should put up a fight for the things and people we love. This art also depicts a relationship where only one side is fighting to keep it alive. It takes the effort of two to make true love work. Let me know what you guys think!  
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  • Posted by LG on August 27, 2015

    Great concept & I like the duality. I just stumbled upon your work & will now continue to tune back in. Stay on the path! I’m diggin it…

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